Thursday, 19 January 2012

Primary Occupation

.Defination of Primary Occupation-means work that involves taking row material from the,fisherman,miners,etc
Type of Primary Occupation-agriculture animal husbandry,fishing,mining,
type of agriculture-Intensive,Extensive,Plantation.
Areas are primary occupation-Agriculture-In india-Assam,Kerala,Maharashtra, Karanatka,Jammu,Kashmir,
                                                                In other country-America,Canda,Russia, 
                                              Animal Husbandary-In India-Maharashtra,Gujarat,.
                                                                             In other copuntry-America,South Africa,Austrelia.
                                              Fishing-In India-Maharashtra,West Bengal.
                                                           In other country-Japan, America,South Africa.
                                              Mining-In India- Jharkhand,Goa, Karnataka..
                                                          In other Country-U.K.,Japan.
Characteristic of Primary Occupation-1) these occupation is trotaly depend on nature
                                                          2) A lot of manpower is eiquired.
                                                          3) Compared to labourn inputs the riturn and quite low.
In formation of Agriculture

}Agriculture, the backbone of India, is fast losing its hold, and quick adequate measures need to be implemented. Pravin Dalal, the managing member of AFPOH, in his interview, pointed out the drawbacks and need of e-agriculture for the upliftment.
}AGRICULTURE IN India is considered to be a primary occupation for a major segment of population in India. A vast majority of rural population depends upon agriculture as their primary occupation. However, agriculture in India is in doldrums and needs rejuvenation
}The agricultural sector in India is currently passing through a difficult phase. India is moving towards an agricultural emergency due to lack of attention, insufficient land reforms, defective land management, non-providing of fair prices to farmers for their crops, inadequate investment in irrigational and agricultural infrastructure in India, etc. India’s food production and productivity is declining while its food consumption is increasing.
}The position has further been worsened due to use of food grains to meet the demands of bio fuels. Even the solution of import of food grains would be troublesome, as India does not have ports and logistical systems for large-scale food imports.